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Archer Video Special Effects Switcher 15-1274

Archer Special Effects Switcher - Used

The Archer Video Special Effects Switcher is an exciting addition to your home video production equipment. Now you can make horizontal, vertical, and corner wipes, variable speed auto-wipe, and fade to black. A sweep across the screen, a dramatic quick cut or a subtle fade give you the mastery over the medium and over the mood. 

Click on the photo to see larger images, including some screen shots of just a few of the type of wipes you can get.

RCA video inputs and outputs.  RCA audio inputs and outputs. Instruction manual included.


Before ordering read this important information:

Important: This unit wipes to black, then when the screen is black it wipes open to the second video image.  At no time is it possible to do a split-screen with two different images side-by-side. This is the way the unit is designed, and is not a defect. Please keep this in mind before you order.


Unit is used, in good working condition

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Price: $22.95