When will my Website be ready?

After we receive payment, your website can usually be ready and "online" within about two weeks. However a lot of this is based on you! We rely on you to give us complete descriptions and information so we can add the information to your website!

In the first step we start work on obtaining your domain name. Usually this will take two to three days. After the fourth day you'll see an "under construction" page on your website. It's during this time that we'll be working closely with you, helping you choose the design that's just right for your business image.

Within 7-10 days we'll come up with a sample site. This will need more input from you insofar as wording, photos and descriptions are concerned. When you're happy with the "look" of the site we'll put it online!

Can I have photos on my site?

Certainly! Photos show your customers what your business looks like and gives them an inside look at your store or workplace. The amount of photos that we place on your site depends on the type of web package you've selected. The Advanced package, for example, allows up to 80 photos, shown in a slideshow fashion. This shows off your business in the best light! We can also send a professional photographer to your business to take photos for an additional fee.

What about after-the-sale support?

Throughout the length of your hosting we're always available to give you support and guidance. Phone support is available during normal business hours. You can also contact us by opening a support ticket anytime. We're here to help you, and even several months into your hosting, if you spot something on your site that you'd like changed, we'll be happy to help out! Just let us know!

What's your guarantee?

Our goal is to provide high quality websites for all of our clients. If you're not satisfied with your new website, we offer the following Guarantee: If you're not satisfied within the fist 30 days, we will refund the unused portion of your monthly hosting fees plus 1/2 half of the Set-up/design fee.

Tell me more about the e-commerce shopping cart website....

Our e-Commerce shopping cart package is the best shopping cart software on the market! It combines the latest e-store technology together with the style and convenience of a store-manager interface. This means that you can add products and update orders and inventory from your own computer!


I already have a website, can you improve it for me?

Yes! We can overhaul your existing webpage to give it a cleaner, more pleasing look. We can add photos, change font styles and add additional content for you. We can also add additional pages of new content to your existing website. Please call us for a quote.

Can my company logo be used on the website?

Yes, we can incorporate your business logo and company colors when we design your website. If you presently don't have a logo, we can create one for a small additional fee.

Who's creates the content on the web pages?

It's your job to supply us with all the wording and photos that go on your site. We'll work with you to arrange it all in a pleasing manner.

How you describe your business and it's goals is very important to the success of your website. Explain the services that you offer to your customers and let them know how your company can benefit them!

* For an additional fee, we have talented copywriters available who can create content for your site!

How will my website be hosted?

We host your website on commercial grade Dell servers and Cisco routers built to tested and optimized specs. All hosting machines run with RAID5 data protection (redundant disk arrays that can lose a hard drive with no lose of data or downtime), multiple separate RAM chips, multiple separate Xeon processors, and multiple separate Internet connection ports. This internal redundancy is supported by multiple iterations of uncompressed backups and complete hot-swappable servers. Additionally, copies of your web pages reside in a secondary, off-line location. Our e-Commerce websites also give you the ability to create manual database backups at any time.

Where are you located?

The TGrant Photo is located in Lodi, Ohio. Our mailing address is: TGrant Photo, Box 444, Lodi, OH 44254.