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You can create unlimited number of products & categories

* You can create an unlimited number of subcategories, nested as many levels deep as you like

* Products can be marked "not for sale", which keeps them in your database, but does not display them in your store.

* Upload images for both products and categories via the cart

* Advanced Image Features - autogenerate, resize, mirror, flip, rotate, and crop images.

* Support for HTML or plain text in Product and Category descriptions

* Control product sort order on a storewide and per category basis

* Control the number of products seen per row and per page, on a storewide and per category basis. !

User Friendly, Interface Administration Interface

Our Shopping Cart's back end administration section has been designed for ease of use. We've emulated the feel of a desktop application, to help ease the merchant into learning the details of the cart. Navigation is done via drop down menus that are very similar to those seen in non web-based applications. Many of the field names listed on the records in the DB are links that you can click on to get help for the particular field you are altering. !

Product options

Product Options allow your customers to make choices when adding an item to their cart. You can use them for:

* Simple choices like "size" or "color"

* Gather text for engravings, gift cards, etc. Charge per character entered. Optionally charge for spaces if needed.

* Completely customize an item (such as an audio component system)

* Add optional extra items.

* Gather image or other files from your customer to customize a product.

* Options can be shown in storefront as text, textarea, select, radio, checkbox, and file fields.

* Options can be marked as required (customer must choose an option in order to purchase item)

* Options can alter the price and weight of a product (add or subtract)

* Options can also set the price of an item. For example, a recording offered on DVD for $19.95, or VHS for $14.95.

* The Shopping Cart can add a link that will open a popup detail page describing an option, and it's choices. If you add images for your choices, they will appear in this page. It's a great way to show detailed information describing the option and it's choices.

* Our inventory control feature allows you to track your stock at the option level.


You can create just about any kind of discount you can come up with using our Discount feature and condition system.

* Apply discounts to 1 or more products, categories, or the entire order

* Quantity based discounts * "Buy 2 get 1 free" type discounts

* Discounts can be applied to an order based on any combination of the following conditions: - Coupon Code - Date - Number of products in order - Ship to country or state/province - Order product total - Order weight total - Number of a specific product in cart - Number of products from a specific category - Group membership

* You can combine the conditions above into complex formulas to fine tune your discounts. For example: offer discount when (Date is between 10/15/2006 - 11/15/2006 AND Product total is more than $50.00) OR Coupon Code is "ABGT5S29"

* Advertise your discounts on a product page.

* Display discounts that customer is receiving below checkout form OR as a popup page.

* Discount Badge Feature - Discount badges are images that are overlayed on top of your product images to indicate they are on sale. They can be shown on product thumbnails. They can also be shown when viewing a product's detail page.

Inventory Control

* Keep track of your stock, for your products and product options.

* Control what your customers see when an item is out of stock: - Display item as out of stock, and allow customer to purchase it - Display item as out of stock, and do not allow customer to purchase it - Display item normally, and allow customer to purchase it - Do not display item

Sales Tax

* State / Province based tax calculations - specify which states you charge tax in, and percentages associated with them * Specify whether or not to tax products at the category, or individual product level

Payment Methods

The cart can handle the following types of payments:

Credit Card ~ Electronic Check ~ Check ~ Money Order ~ Google Checkout ~ PayPal ~ plus custom payment methods

Order Management

* Customers can view their order history in detail

* Merchant can specify status of order in control panel

* Merchant can customize entries for order status

* Order statistics - displays total number and amount of orders in admin interface

Completely Database Driven

* Customers, Products, Categories, Store Settings, Shipping Options, Payment Methods, and Orders are all stored in an fast and efficient MySQL database.

* Backup tool in control panel to backup your database

* DB History tool in control panel - to show changes made to your database during upgrades

* Query tool in control panel for direct queries (recommended for advanced users)

Shipping Features

* FedEx® Compatible - There is no additional fee to use the FedEx® tools - Signing up is quick and easy through The Shopping Cart's control panel

* Customers can obtain live rate information for shipments during checkout - Merchants can submit shipments directly to FedEx from the Shopping Cart's control panel - Print labels for shipments directly from the Shopping Cart - When a shipment is submitted, an email is automatically sent to the customer with information to track the package. -

*Customers and merchants can track shipments

* UPS OnLine® Tools Built In. Your customers can track their packages in your store front - You can track packages in the administration interface - Your customers can get Rates and Services selections via UPS in your store front - You can get Rates and Services selections in the administration interface

* USPS Web Tools - your customers can get live USPS rates from USPS.com without leaving your site

* Canada Post Sell Online support - to obtain live rate information

* Custom Shipping Couriers and Methods can be added

* Shipping is rule based, which allows you to offer 1 or more shipping methods, based on: - Weight of order - Cost of order - Number of items in order - Country, State, or City order is shipping to - Many more conditions available

* Full support for changing weight and dimension units, with feature to convert all weight/dimension field values from in to cm, lbs to kgs, and vice versa.

E-mail features

* Email order confirmation to customer.

* Email order notification to merchant.

* Emails can be sent in both HTML and text format

* Customers can choose their email format preference

Support when you need it

At TGrant Photo we won't disappear after your website's up and running. We care about the success of your store! Support from TGrant Photo is available throughout the length of your hosting term! We're always available to help and give advice on any problems that you might encounter. Just give us a call!

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