Here's the Top Ten reasons to get a website !

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1. Customers can find you easily

Potential customers are online looking for YOU! Your website can tell them about special sales & services that only YOU can offer! Customers can use the map on your website to find you easily!

2. Sell your products online and boost your sales!

People love shopping online! An e-commerce shopping cart website can boost your sales by letting the world see and purchase your products online! Customers love the quick and easy convenience of shopping online, and best of all you get paid instantly! Your online store is open 24/7 !

3. Provide a professional face for your business

A business website helps reinforce your professional image! Show photos of your top executives and don't forget a shot of your company building!

4. Easily update your business image

As your business grows and expands, we'll be there to update and change your website's content! Just give us a call!

With the e-Commerce package, you can change and add products and photos right from your own computer!

5. Use your website as an advertising tool

Your presence online helps people find you faster using internet search options! You can advertise your latest 'Specials' on your website! Your website is always "on" spreading the word about your business!

6. Show the world what products and services you offer

Photos, images and vivid descriptions will show off your products and services to their best advantage! Your website is at work 24/7, constantly advertising your business!

7. Customers can contact you easily

Visitors to your site can send messages directly to you using the built-in 'contact' page!

8. Keep your customers informed

A website lets your customers know about your latest sales and specials! Show them photos and descriptions of your newest products! Answer customers' most frequently asked questions with an online 'FAQ' page!

9. Save money using a website

You can save a large amount of money using a website instead of sending out paper advertising! Your website reaches out far beyond any mailing list you may have been using.

10. Your competition is on the web

Make your business available online so that potential customers can turn to YOU, instead of your competition!

Now you know the answer .....we can help your business grow!

TGrant Photo cares about the success of your business! We won't disappear after your website's up and running! Support from TGrant Photo is available throughout the length of your hosting term! Plus we're always available to give advice and suggestions about how to improve your website!

Call us at TGrant Photo, we'll be happy to discuss your website options and give you a no-obligation quote!