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Which VCRs do you repair?
We only repair the Panasonic AG-1980 and AG-5710  VCRs and we're quite busy working on those every day. Note: we do not repair AG1980s where the second digit of the serial number is "5" (ie. K5TC0012...
Do you repair JVC Dynamic Drum VCRs?
We no longer repair JVC Dynamic Drum VCRs. This includes the 7500, 7600, 9500, 9600, 9800 models. There's no replacement video heads or replacement loading parts available. The Dynamic Drum mechanism ...
Can you tell me what's wrong with my VCR?
Without having your VCR here on our test bench it's impossible to give you an correct evaluation of it's condition. If you'd like to send your VCR in for an estimate, please contact us first.
Can I drop off my VCR for repair?
We're sorry, we do not accept VCRs dropped off at our offices. All VCRs for repair have to be shipped to us and the repair must be prepaid online.
Do you sell repair parts for VCRs?
No we don't sell repair parts. We only offer repairs on VCRs mailed in to us for service.
How long do VCR repairs take?
After we receive your VCR, most repairs are completed within 2-3 weeks. All repairs must be prepaid.
I've had some caps in my VCR replaced already, can you align it?
We only work on VCRs as a whole unit. That way we can offer a guarantee on our work.  Our policy is not to do individual tweaks or partial adjustments on VCRs repaired by others, because invariably s...

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