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SOLD - Curtis Mathes VCR CMV42002 - super fast rewind [TGP597Z]

Refurbished Curtis Mathes CMV42002 VCR - super fast rewind!

Nice VCR in very good operating condition. Great playback quality in all three speeds EP, LP and SP. This VCR been tested, lubricated and cleaned by our technician.

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Features include:
Super fast rewind,(less than 1 minute on most videocassettes). FF and REW scan; one mono RCA audio output; one RCA video output; ch 3 or ch 4 RF output. Original remote control

Condition:  Used, but carefully refurbished by our technician. VCR is in very good operating condition. Nicely repainted cover. Small "ding" on cover (not too noticeable) A great mono audio VCR for watching your old VHS tapes.

10 Day return policy (read details below)

Includes:  original remote control,  RCA hookup cables. Copy of the original manual on pdf. Plus, if you have any operating questions,  you're welcome to call our technician!

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Price: $195.95