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Elite BVP-4 Plus Broadcast Video Processor with power supply [tgp455]

Reconditioned Elite Video BVP 4+ Video Processor in fully operational condition  

10 Day return policy (scroll to the bottom of page to purchase)

Includes - instruction manual reprint, two s-video cables,  DVD "How-To" video, plus power supply (replacement power supply with the same exact specifications as original, instruction manual is a reprint of the original)

A very high quality component for improving the quality of video signals. Perfect for enhancing your family VHS tapes when you transfer them to DVD! TM

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Here's an actual screen capture showing how a BVP-4 can boost colors in a tape that's very washed out!

BVP-4 Demo

The BVP-4 can provide a substantial boost in visual quality to your analog video. It's an excellent tool!

Condition: Used, this BVP-4+ has been fully tested and refurbished, we guarantee this unit to be fully functional and in good working order. Metal cover is in nice condition, just a few light scuffs. Plug-in power supply is a replacement having the same exact specifications as original.

10 day return policy* (details below)

For the highest quality results we recommend that you transfer video tapes using S-Video connections all the way through the transfer. This unit is optimized for s-Video. If you just plan on using just composite (RCA) video you'll be better served by using the lower priced Vidicraft Proc Amp and Detailers these units offer better detail when using composite (RCA) video only.

Included: a 45 min. DVD training video shows you how to use the unit

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The BVP-4 accepts either NTSC composite or S-video inputs. Outputs are NTSC composite and S-video, and both outputs are active at the same time. For best quality TGrant Photo recommends using only the s-video connectors.
- Herringbone noise filter reduces noise caused by electrical interference.
- Split Screen allows you to instantly see the "before and after" when you make changes to the picture. See our photo above that shows how you can bring color into a washed out image!

- Color Level lets you take away any amount of color you desire, enliven dull video or prevent color smear. You can even go to black and white.
- Flesh tone automatically restores reddish tone skin back to natural tone that it is in real life.
- Tint Adjustment gives you 360 degrees of full color correction. Easily fix video whose color is wrong without affecting the blacks or whites.
- Point to Point Luminance allows you to brighten your signal without losing contrast. Get up to 9db gain in your signal! "Gain up" without bringing the grain up!
- IRE Adjustment lets you bring up the video level of the whole screen. From black to white and everything in between.
- Resolution Boost gives you up to 90 lines more resolution with special enhancement technology.
- Black Restore lets you restore the black to original jet black without affecting the values of the other colors
(see above example photo)

This BVP-4 Plus unit includes the following improvements:
- The BVP-4 PLUS has 1200 lines of resolution.
- The BVP-4 PLUS has self-adaptive resolution - which means that once you set the amount of resolution boost you need, you simply let the BVP-4 do the rest.
(see above example photo) The BVP-4 adjusts how much resolution enhancement you need based on the values of the video passing through the processor.
- The BVP-4 PLUS has a digital gamma compensator circuit - This circuit is controllable by a switch on the back of the BVP-4 PLUS. Turn the switch on when you have an input from a digital camcorder such as the Sony DV1000. This feature will give you a greater degree of highlights and detail in the shadow and dark areas of the picture. This detail can be lost due to the compression ratio systems of the digital format. The circuit in the BVP-4 PLUS helps restore the detail that was lost.

Approx. dimensions: 15" x 7.5" x 3" weight about 9 lbs. 

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Price: $525.95