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Hitachi Auto-Tracking VHS VCR VTM-260A M260 with remote

Used Hitachi VTM-260A VCR with remote

Nice VCR in very good operating condition. Great playback quality in all three speeds EP, LP and SP. This Hitachi M260 is a great budget-minded choice if you're transferring tapes to digital, or just want to watch an old VHS tape!  This VCR been tested, lubricated and cleaned by our technician. It's been aligned for best playback on many tapes, you'll be surprised at the nice quality of the tape playback!

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Features include:
Nice quality picture playback at all three tape speeds. Features FF scan and REV scan modes; built-in automatic head cleaner;  RCA video output and one RCA audio output (mono sound) The tape automatically unthreads  during fast forward and rewind, this is a nice feature that puts less wear on the video heads!

The original remote is included, it operates the tracking and other functions of the VCR. There are no instructions as to how to program the remote for your TV or cable box.

Condition: Good operating condition. Some minor scuffs to the top and sides.  Original remote has a repaired area on the battery cover (see photos) but it works well. A nice VCR for watching your old VHS tapes!

10 Day return policy (read details below)

Includes:  triple RCA cable & original lighted remote control. There are no instructions, but this is a simple VCR to understand and operate. You're also welcome to call our technician if you have any hookup or operational questions.

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Price: $89.95