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Hotronic Pro-Amp - video processor [TGP050]

Refurbished Hotronic Proc Amp (a.k.a Hotronics Pro-Amp)

adjusts Video Level, Color, Hue, and Set-up (black level) on video sources using S-Video or RCA connections (composite video)

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This unit has been refurbished, tested, cleaned and adjusted.  10 day return policy (see details below)

The Hotronic Proc Amp is a very high quality component for improving the quality of video signals. You'll be amazed when you see how well this improves the colors in your video transfer! Allows you to fully adjust Video gain (brightness), adjust color saturation, adjust hue (tint), and adjust Set-Up (black levels)  Perfect for enhancing family VHS tapes when you transfer them to DVD! 

Note: The Set-Up (black level) is a special adjustment only found on more expensive video processors. It allows adjustment of the "blacks" within the picture, without substantially affecting the video level. This is especially useful for enhancing video tapes with a "washed out" look.

This video processor passes a very clean, low noise video signal and usually can provide a substantial boost in visual quality to your analog video. An excellent tool. Processes either composite video signals or S-Video signals


Signal to Noise Ratio: Better than 60 db (p-p signal to rms noise)
Differential gain less than 1%     Differential phase less than 1%      K factor (2T pulse) less than 1%

Frequency Response: 6 MHz

Adjustable Range:  Video Level     ±6 db    Chroma Level  ±6 db
Hue    ±20°    Set up  ±20 IRE

Video Input: NTSC 75 ohm BNC or S-Video       Video Output: NTSC 75 ohm BNC or S-Video

Approx. Size:  8.5" wide x 2" high x 9" deep          Power: less than 20W        Weight: 4 lbs

Condition: Used, this Hotronics Proc Amp is in very good operating condition. Fully tested using live video sources. We guarantee this unit to be fully functional and in good working order. A few light scuffs to the aluminum case, but otherwise very clean.  10 day return policy (see details below)

Includes:  two S-Video cables; two (2) BNC-RCA adapters; one 3 conductor RCA to RCA cable. This video processor is easy to understand and operate, there is no instruction manual, but you're very welcome to call our technician if you have any hookup or operating questions.

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Price: $229.95

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