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JVC 3600U VCR - Super VHS ET Plug & Play, HR-S3600U with built-in video stabilizer, S-VHS, Hi-Fi [tgp693]

JVC HR-S3600U VCR ~  Super VHS player - recorder

Used, refurbished VCR in very good working condition. This unit has special features that give a sharper, more stable picture than department store vcr's. Ideal for transferring VHS tapes to a DVD recorder or computer (not included). 

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Special features:~ "jog dial" allows you to speed ahead or reverse the tapes for easy video editing purposes.
    Controllable from frame-by-frame to variable speed playback.

~ "auto-video calibration"  automatically sets the optimal tracking for each tape

~ "picture control" allows you to sharpen or soften the VHS image.

~ "video stabilizer" - very useful on old tapes that tapes that jitter vertically.

~ S-VHS connectors (both IN & OUT), plus regular composite connectors (RCA),  and RCA audio in & out.

All functions available from the handy "menu" button located on the front of the unit, therefore no remote control is necessary. (however you can purchase a remote from us if you'd like - link coming)

Condition: This VCR has been cleaned, lubricated, tested and aligned by our technician. New new thread loader belt. In very good operating condition and quite nice cosmetic condition There's a few very minor scuffs on the cover. (see photos).  Includes instruction manual pdf on disc

10 day return guarantee (see details below)

comes with: one s-video cable; triple RCA cable, instruction manual pdf on disc; JVC remote control, two AA batteries. Phone technical support if you have hookup or operational questions.


To further enhance quality when you transfer tapes, you can use one of our video processors


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Price: $595.95