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JVC HR-S3900U, Super VHS VCR, Refurbished, w/ JVC Remote Control [TGP 061]

Includes JVC Remote Control + instructions + cables

Used, but carefully refurbished by our technician. Very clean, fully tested VCR. Great quality playback. Wonderful for transferring tapes if you're on a limited budget!  This 3900 series VCR is the Little Sister VCR to the JVC SR-V10u with many of the same features and similar tape transport (this doesn't have the time base corrector of the SR-V10u, but many tapes don't need this feature to play well)

  • High resolution Super VHS and VHS
  • video stabilizer
  • active video calibration
  • Hi-Fi VHS Stereo with MTS Decoder
  • advanced jog dial

This VCR features auto-video calibrations along with picture control that allows you to sharpen the VHS tape. 4 video heads, advanced jog dial. The built-in video stabilizer can help enhance tapes that jitter vertically. Includes JVC remote control so you can access special playback options, such as sharpening or softening the image  and tracking adjustment. This VCR has S-VHS connectors (for sharper video playback), plus regular composite video connectors (RCA). Plays back regular VHS tapes as well as the higher quality S-VHS format.

10 day satisfaction guarantee* (read details below)

This VCR has been lubricated, cleaned, aligned and tested by our technician. It's been through our 25+ point test, which includes playback testing of over ten various tapes recorded on various VCRs between 1979 and 1995.

Includes: original JVC remote control, instruction manual on disc (.pdf), S-video cable, triple RCA audio cable. 

Condition:  Very good shape,  one or two scuffs on the top part of the front panel. The cover has been nicely repainted (see photos).

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Price: $329.95