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SOLD - JVC SR-V10U Super VHS Professional VCR, with Remote Control, built-in time base corrector [tgp0856]

Includes JVC Remote Control + instructions on disc     TGP#0856

Used, but professionally restored!  Top quality playback. Ideal for transferring tapes. Cleaned, aligned and tested by our technician. Ready for production work out of the box!

We are  a recommended vendor by the DigitalFAQ forum

The built-in Time Base Corrector and video stabilizer correct jitter and "purify" the playback image! Wonderful for transferring tapes to digital!  see an example of how well time base correctors can help your tapes!

This VCR features auto-video calibrations along with picture control that allows you to sharpen the VHS tape. The video stabilizer and time base corrector help to enhance tapes that jitter vertically. Includes JVC remote control. Also includes S-VHS cable with attached dual RCA type audio cable. (note: there is a DIN connector beside the rear 'antenna' input. This is for a custom a wired remote. You do not use this as the wireless remote control is included.)

VCR has been cleaned, tested and aligned by our technician and is ready to use! 

Includes: original remote control, s-video cable with dual rca cables attached (for audio), plus instruction manual on disc.  New memory battery installed.

Condition: Very good running condition, some minor scuffs and wear marks to the top and front edges. These are purely cosmetic, and do not affect the beautiful pictures that this VCR plays back!

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Price: $525.95