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Digital Processing Systems DPS-235 - Time Base Corrector & Proc Amp [TGP-011]

Digital Processing Systems Transcoding TBC Synchronizer DPS-235

Several high quality video tools in one case! A time base corrector stabilizes sync signals and the built in proc amp, allows smooth adjustments of color, hue, brightness and black levels. Also includes freeze frame, horizontal timing, red and blue balance and many other adjustments. Built-in comb filter has adjustable settings. IS-Video or BNC inputs and outputs.

The time base corrector is ideal when transferring tapes to digital. It will give an added "purity" to the signal, and reduce the shimmering or wiggling you see in vertical lines (such as a doorway frame). If you're a stickler for details, this will bring out the best in your transfers!

10 day return policy* (see details below)

Note: for best quality when transferring tapes to digital, we recommend using S-Video cables all the way throughout the transfer chain. more TBC tips

This is a rack mountable unit, measuring approx.17" wide x 16" deep x 1.75" high (measurements don't include width of rack mount ears)

Condition: This DPS-235 Time Base Corrector is in very good used condition. New cooling fan has been installed. This has been nicely cared for with only a few light scuffs or minor scratches to the aluminum casing. Tested using live S-video sources, this is fully functional and in good working order.   10 day return policy (details below) 

Comes with: two s-video cables, two BNC-RCA adapters, 3 conductor RCA cable and power cable.  Note: Reprint of the very comprehensive DPS-235 instruction manual.

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Price: $395.95