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To activate this purchase, you must call Tom first to receive authorization. You will need your original order # and VCR serial number. This service option is only available to customers who have previously purchased a refurbished AG-1980 within the past 12 months from TGrant Photo

Previous customers only - out-of-warranty AG1980 repair - 90 day to 1 yr.

Preventative Maintenance for Panasonic AG-1980

Helps keep your AG-1980 running well !

This service is only for customers who have previously purchased a refurbished AG1980 from us, or have had an AG1980 previously repaired by us.

Your AG1980 date of purchase must be within the last 12 months.

TGP warranty seals inside the VCR must be intact and unbroken.

Please call Tom to get authorization to purchase this service option.

This is a one-time repair, not an extended warranty.

The Panasonic service manual recommends a thorough tape path cleaning for every 500 hours of use. After 1000 hours of use, several key parts in the mechanism are recommended to be lubricated, cleaned and inspected.

Our technician with over 20 years experience in audio-visual repairs, will thoroughly inspect, clean and lubricate your unit.

Preventative Maintenance includes:

Inspection, cleaning and lubrication at several key spots. Cleaning of video, audio and control heads, cleaning of tape path. Lubrication and inspection of tape loading mechanism. Test of tape alignment and re-alignment if necessary.

Preventative Maintenance does not include parts:

replacement of video heads; replacement of worn capstan bearings; replacement of pinch roller

ImportantWe do not repair units that have excessive wear; concealed damage; units that have parts missing; units that have obvious signs of physical abuse or have been disassembled and are in pieces. This repair does not include replacing bad or worn video heads, replacing bad pinch roller, or repairing any cosmetic or concealed damage. Before starting the repair process, we will inspect the VCR including video heads and circuit boards, and if the unit is beyond the scope of this repair we will contact you with an estimate for the additional repairs. If at that point you decline the additional repairs, or if the unit is found to be beyond repair, you'll receive a refund, less return shipping charges and a $64.95 diagnostic fee.

How the AG-1980 Maintenance-Service works:

1. Call Tom at TGrant Photo to get authorization for this service.

2. When you call we will need your TGPSales order # from your original purchase, plus the serial number of the AG1980. This service is only for available to the original purchaser of the AG1980. Service is not transferrable to other individuals, and does not apply if the VCR has been resold.

3. Following our approval, pay for this service charge through our checkout. You must pay shipping charges to send the unit to us. Charges to ship the unit back to you are added during the checkout process.

4. After we have received your payment we will e-mail you the address where you should send the unit. This email will arrive within 2hrs of your purchase. Do not ship your VCR until you receive and read the "How to Ship your VCR" email.

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Price: $265.95
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