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SOLD - Panasonic AG-1970 sVHS VCR w. built-in TBC - refurbished + warranty [TGP0560]

Panasonic AG-1970 VCR

with built-in TBC time base corrector

90 day warranty* includes part & labor
see terms below*

Used - professional VCR in tip-top working condition!
Completely reconditioned, aligned and tested!

w. remote and all cables

We are  a recommended vendor by the DigitalFAQ forum

Recommended by the DigitalFAQ Forum as one of the best VCRs to transfer tapes to digital!
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The AG1970 is the preferred machine to use if you're transferring lots of SP speed tapes to digital. Similar in many ways to it's big brother, the AG-1980, the AG1970 gives a bit sharper picture when it's in SP playback mode. Important: If you are doing lots of EP/SLP mode tapes we highly recommend the Panasonic AG1980 VCR for the best SLP/EP playback results. The AG1980 gives amazingly better EP/SLP playback results than any other VCR we've seen!

This has a  built-in Time Base Corrector, which is not quite as aggressive at smoothing and correction as the AG1980's TBC. However, in many cases this is just what you need for SP transfers! 

Another nice feature of this  AG1970 is that unthreads the the tape from the video head drum when in FF or REW mode, this saves wear and tear on the video heads. The tape counter still displays the actual running time while in FF or REW.

Our technician, with over twenty years in the audio-visual profession, has completely cleaned, lubricate, aligned and tested this machine.  Twelve different tapes were then tested for playback quality. The output video waveform of the machine was also monitored on our oscilloscope to ensure that it matches Panasonic's recommended standards.

This unit is in top shape, ready to transfer all your tapes to digital! 10 day return policy + warranty*  (see terms below)

Special features of the AG-1970

Jog & shuttle dial - allows you to speed ahead or reverse the tapes for easy video editing purposes. Controllable from frame-by-frame to variable speed playback

auto digital tracking - switch automatically sets the optimal tracking for each tape

slide "sharpener" control,  allows you to sharpen or soften the VHS image.

S-video connection for sharpest video output, plus BNC connectors for composite video output.

Digital TBC time base corrector - Helps smooth out wiggling, jitter and distortion for superior results.

Condition: Used. This VCR has been cleaned, refurbished, aligned and thoroughly tested by our technician. It's in top  working condition!  There are a couple of minor scuffs and blemishes on the top metal cover (some scuffs don't show in the photo).

Includes:  the original remote control, power cord, RCA cable, S-Video cable, RG59 cable, plus the original AG1970 instruction manual. 10 day Return Policy + warranty (see terms below)

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Price: $575.95