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$300 OFF Panasonic AG-1980 [tgp561] - sale ends April 15th - limited to stock on hand

$40 OFF Panasonic AG-1980 Repair - not available on out-of-warranty repairs - sale ends April 15th - limited to stock on hand

Panasonic AG1980 - Repair Service
Mechanism Repair + Replace Bad Caps + New caps in color circuit board -
SALE now $399.95

We repair and refurbish your broken Panasonic AG-1980

Repairs are completed within 14-28 business days from the time we receive your AG-1980
(7 day rush service available, see below)

Our technician with over 20 years experience in audio-visual repairs,
will thoroughly inspect, clean and repair your unit.

The most comprehensive AG-1980 repairs available anywhere!

90 day warranty* includes part & labor see terms below*

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How we repair Panasonic AG-1980 VCRs

This repair service will fix the following symptoms:
VCR powers up but tape not accepted, frozen mechanism, jammed tape, bad brakes, no rewind, no play, dim or no front display. Tape plays, but: bad color, color worms, muddy picture, no picture, herringbone lines, power supply hiss, screeching noise during rewind, 'black & white-color' switch not working or intermittent.

Repairs include:
~ replacing bad caps and any questionable capacitors

 ~ install all new SMD electrolytic capacitors in the color video board (Y-C board) 

~ alignment of the tape path, adjusted electronically while viewing results on oscilloscope

~ Check and adjust head-switching point.

~ Check and adjust video output waveform for correct video levels

~ Analyze output video frequency response.

~ remove mechanism, inspect and repair or replace any bad mechanism parts

~ disassemble capstan motor shaft, clean and lubricate bearings

~ disassemble video head drum motor, clean and lubricate bearing

ImportantWe do not repair units that have excessive wear; units that have parts missing;  units that have obvious signs of physical abuse or have been disassembled and are in pieces; This repair does not include replacing bad or worn video heads, replacing bad pinch roller, or repairing any cosmetic damage. If needed please add that option below.  When your VCR arrives, we will inspect the video heads and if there's a problem we'll contact you. If at that point you decline the additional repair charges, or if the unit is found to be beyond repair, you'll receive a refund, less return shipping charges.

The TGrant Photo repair facility will repair your AG-1980 or exchange it for a refurbished AG-1980.
Please note that recovered, remanufactured, repaired and/or recycled parts may be used in connection with such repair


How VCR Repair Service works:

1. In the message box below, give us the model # and serial number of the unit you'll be sending us for repair. Any details relating to the problem will also be helpful.

2. Then read the repair agreement at the bottom of this page.

3. Add this repair service to your shopping cart and checkout. At the checkout you will also pay for the return shipping of the VCR to your home. You are also responsible for paying the shipping charges when you send the VCR to us.

4. About 2-3 hours after we have received your payment, we will e-mail you a "How to Ship us your VCR" email. This email contains the specific address in Lodi, OH where you should send the unit. Please do not ship your unit until you have received and read this "How to Ship" email. If your order is placed after normal business hours, you may receive the email the following day.

5. When your VCR arrives at TGrant Photo, you will receive an email confirming acceptance. Depending on our workload, the whole repair process usually takes about 14-28 days after we receive your VCR (expedited repair service is available for an extra charge)

6. When the repairs and testing are completed, your VCR will be carefully packed up for shipment back to you. You'll also receive a detailed repair report and a shipping tracking number.

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Repair Service Agreement:

Repair Service Agreement for the above listed video tape recorder, hereinafter referred to as "the VCR".

We will repair and fully test your VCR, as outlined in the above repair description. Our repairs are guaranteed for a period of 90 days from receipt of your VCR. If you need to return your unit under the warranty period you must contact us first to obtain an R/A number (see below) You must pay any shipping charges related to a warranty repair.

You can expect the repair to be completed and your VCR shipped back to you within approximately 28 business days* from the time we receive your VCR. *Depending on our workload, some repair times may vary. Seasonal volume or repairs requiring special parts may add additional time.

The TGrant Photo repair facility may repair your VCR or exchange it for a new or refurbished VCR of the same model. Please note that recovered, remanufactured, repaired and/or recycled parts may be used in connection with such repair.

Replacing video heads is not included in this repair. If your video heads are found to be defective or badly worn, our technician will contact you before proceeding with the repair. If you decline the additional repair charges, or if the unit is beyond repair, you will receive a refund, less the return shipping charges.

TGrantPhoto provides the following 90 day limited warranty. This limited warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the VCR repair. A repaired VCR shipped to another address after original delivery does not qualify for return, refund or warranty service. VCRs used in industrial or commercial applications are not covered by this warranty.

Video heads and capstan (motor) bearings are not covered under this limited warranty.

Please note that any warranty services or questions must be accompanied by the order number from the transaction through which the warranted repair product was purchased. The order number serves as your warranty number and must be retained. TGrantPhoto will offer no warranty service without this number.
TGrantPhoto  warrants this product and its parts against defects in materials or workmanship for 90 days labor and 90 days parts from the original ship date. During this period, TGrantPhoto  will repair or replace defective parts with new or reconditioned parts at TGrantPhoto's option, without charge to you. Damaged or badly worn video heads are not included under warranty.
All shipping fees both to and from TGrantPhoto during this 90-day period must be paid by the customer. All returns, both during the 90-day period, must be affected via the Procedures for Obtaining Warranty Service described below:
All original parts (parts installed by TGrantPhoto at the original equipment refurbish) replaced by TGrantPhoto or its authorized service center, become the property of TGrantPhoto. Any after-market additions or modifications will not be warranted. The VCR owner is responsible for the payment, at current rates, for any service or repair outside the scope of this limited warranty.
TGrantPhoto makes no other warranty, either express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or conformity to any representation or description, with respect to this VCR other than as set forth below. TGrantPhoto  makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, with respect to any other manufacturer’s product or documentation, its quality, performance, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or conformity to any representation or description.
Except as provided below, TGrantPhoto  is not liable for any loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage that may result from use or inability to use the repaired equipment. Under no circumstances shall TGrantPhoto be liable for any loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage exceeding the purchase price of a similar reconditioned VCR.
The warranty and remedies set forth below are exclusive and in lieu of all others, oral or written, expressed or implied. No reseller, agent or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension or addition to this warranty.

Warranty Conditions
The above Limited Warranty is subject to the following conditions:
    This warranty extends only to the repaired VCR, serial number of which is attached to the completed repair order. It is effective only if the VCR repair was purchased and operated in the USA. (Within the USA including US 48 States, Alaska and Hawaii.)
    This warranty covers only normal use of the VCR. VCRs used in industrial or commercial settings are not covered under this warranty. TGrantPhoto shall not be liable under this warranty if any damage or defect results from (i) misuse, abuse, neglect, improper shipping or installation; (ii) disasters such as fire, flood, lightning or improper electric current; or (iii) service or alteration by anyone other than an authorized TGrantPhoto  representative; (iv) damages incurred through irresponsible use, including those resulting from playing damaged videotapes, improper cleaning of video heads, or other non-recommended practices.
    You must retain your bill of sale or other proof of purchase to receive warranty service.
    No warranty extension will be granted for any replacement part(s) furnished to the purchaser in fulfillment of this warranty.
    TGrantPhoto accepts no responsibility for any videotapes or any parts of any products returned for repair to TGrantPhoto .


Procedures for Obtaining Warranty Service
RMA (Returning Merchandise Authorization) Policy:
If repairs are required, the customer must obtain a RMA number and provide proof of purchase. RMA and services are rendered by TGrantPhoto only. Any shipping costs on any item returned for repair is the customers’ responsibility. All returned VCRs must have a RMA number written clearly on the outside of the package along with a letter detailing the problems and a copy of the original proof of purchase. No COD packages will be accepted. No package will be accepted without a RMA number written on the outside of the package. RMA numbers are only valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
Should you have any problems with your repaired VCR, please follow these procedures to obtain the service:
1. If the VCR must be repaired, a RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization Number) will be issued for shipment to our repair department. Please follow the instructions given by TGrantPhoto  technical support staff to ship your VCR. TGrantPhoto  will not accept any shipments without a RMA number.
2. Pack the VCR in its original box or a well-protected box, as outlined in the Return Shipping Instructions. TGrantPhoto  will not be responsible for shipping damage/loss of any product outside the original 90-day TGrantPhoto warranty period. It is very important that you write the RMA number clearly on the outside of the package. Ship the VCR with a copy of your bill of sale or other proof of purchase, your name, address, phone number, description of the problem(s), and the RMA number you have obtained to:

TGrantPhoto Service Center,


Box 444, Lodi, OH 44254

3. Upon receiving the VCR, TGrantPhoto will repair or replace VCR (at TGrantPhoto's discretion) and will ship it back to you within 4 weeks (dependent on parts availability) via USPS.
4. All shipping fees both for under warranty and post warranty repairs are the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer also assumes full liability for losses or damages resulting from shipping as well as all responsibility to pursue remuneration for such issues with their selected carrier.

After 90 Day Warranty – Post Warranty Repair
For post warranty repair, the procedure is the same as outlined above for RMA and shipping. However, you are responsible current labor charges, the current price of part(s) used in repair, and the cost of shipping charges both to and from TGrant Photo.

Technical Support:

Customer Service:  phone 330-391-0880 

TGrantPhoto does not offer technical support for any computer/DVD/HDD capture related issues. Technical support should be pursued through channels offered by the capture device's individual tech support. TGrantPhoto  accepts no liability for problems caused by after-market hardware modifications or additions. TGrantPhoto is not responsible for loss of video information or time, even with hardware failure. TGrantPhoto  is not responsible for any loss of work (“down time”) caused by a product requiring service. This warranty is null and void if the defect or malfunction was due to damage resulting from operation not within manufacturer specifications. It will also be null and void if there are indications of misuse and/or abuse. TGrantPhoto has the option of voiding the warranty if anyone other than a TGrantPhoto  technician attempts to service the product. TGrantPhoto  will not warrant any problems arising from an act of God (lighting, flooding, tornado, etc.), electrical spikes or surges, or problems arising out of additional devices added to complement any VCR bought at TGrantPhoto . Under no circumstances will TGrantPhoto be responsible for any refund or remuneration exceeding the original purchase price of the repair service less any shipping fees. TGrantPhoto  will not be held responsible for typographical errors on sales receipts, repair tickets, or on our website. TGrantPhoto  makes every effort to make sure all information on our website is correct.

TGrantPhoto and are in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by JVC Corp, Panasonic Corp., Sony Corp., Sanyo, Toshiba, Zenith or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries.

By checking "I agree" you agree to and accept the terms of this agreement.