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Panasonic AG-1980 sVHS VCR w. built-in Time Base Corrector. Refurbished + Warranty [TGP555]

Panasonic AG-1980 VCR

with built-in TBC time base corrector

90 day warranty* includes part & labor
see terms below*

Used - professional VCR in tip-top working condition!
Completely reconditioned, aligned and tested!

Bad caps replaced, plus new SMD capacitors in Y-C video board,
new capacitors in the display! Tape path is aligned and tested!
How we test and align these VCRs

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The AG-1980 is our choice as the

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This Panasonic AG1980 has special professional features that give a sharper, more stable picture than other VCR's. In fact, this machine is labeled "For Commercial Use Only". It's built-in Time Base Corrector makes it ideal for stabilizing and  transferring VHS tapes to a digital format.

How this VCR was repaired and aligned:

Our resident technician with over twenty years in the audio-visual profession, has completely overhauled, cleaned and adjusted this VCR. Any bad capacitors have been replaced, plus all new capacitors in the Y-C Color video board and new caps in the front display panel.  (Replacement SMD caps are hand checked for lowest ESR values, by doing this you're ensured of the best quality, longest-lasting repair. )

The VCR's mechanism is removed and partially disassembled to allow inspection and lubrication of the gears and mechanical parts. During this part of the rebuild, the synchronization of the mechanism is checked, and the mechanism is manually advanced through all of it's stages before it's re-inserted into the main chassis.

The tape path is electronically aligned while viewing the video head envelope on an oscilloscope. We then use a special "multi-burst" test tape that allows us to test the resolution of the playback image on a waveform analyzer. Video output level and Y/C levels are set to Panasonic's specifications.

That's followed by a full 3 hours of intensive testing using over ten different tapes that were recorded on six different VCRs from 1979 to 1997.  This ensures that you'll have great playback quality over a wide range of tapes.

We finalize our testing by simultaneously viewing the AG-1980's video output on a waveform monitor, pulse-cross monitor and color video monitor.  With this equipment we can confirm correct operation of the time base corrector, color output and overall picture quality.  We also compare the AG1980's video waveform to industry standards for resolution and stability of the image.

This unit is in top shape, ready to transfer all your tapes to digital !  90 day warranty and 10 day return policy*  (see terms below)

Special features of the AG-1980

Jog & shuttle dial - allows you to speed ahead or reverse the tapes for easy video editing purposes. Controllable from frame-by-frame to variable speed playback

auto digital tracking - switch automatically sets the optimal tracking for each tape

a slide "sharpener" control,  allows you to sharpen or soften the VHS image.

S-video connections for sharpest video output, plus BNC connectors for composite video output.

Digital TBC time base corrector - Full Field (multi-line) and Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) provide superb picture quality for editing and playback. Jitter and distortion are removed for superior results, even after successive generations. See how it helps here

Condition:  This VCR is used and has been cleaned, refurbished, and thoroughly tested by our technician. It's in top  working condition!  Nice condition, a few very minor scuffs on the front plastic panel, the metal top cover has been nicely repainted.   *10 day Return Policy (see terms below) 

Includes:  instruction manual reprint;  power cord;  BNC to RCA connector;  two (2) S-Video cables; RCA to RCA cable, 2 prong AC adapter  Note: There is no remote control with this unit (remote control is not required as all functions are available on the flip-down control panel) Remote controls are available on our remote control page.

Shipping charges: The AG-1980 is a well built, heavy duty unit, weighing about 20lbs. Shipping charges are based on weight combined with the measured girth of the box. Shipping charges on this VCR range between $25 to $65, depending on your ship-to location. Your estimated shipping charges can be calculated when you add the AG-1980 to your cart, before you start your checkout. During the actual checkout process, you'll be shown the exact charges before you pay.

Free tech phone support - After your AG1980 arrives, just call us if you have any set-up or operational questions!

*10 day Return Policy (see terms below) 

*90 day Warranty, parts & labor included. Does not include replacing damaged video heads, return shipping not included.

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