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Panasonic AG-7650P Professional Broadcast VHS VCR with built-in Time Base Corrector - TBC [TGP064]

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Used "AS-IS" Broadcast quality VCR in working condition! Low use, very clean inside. Lubricated, cleaned and tested! This is the same high quality unit as the AG-7750, but designed without the record functions. Important: This is a broadcast quality VHS machine, it is designed to play only SP speed tapes.

This VCR has special features that give sharper, more stable pictures than average VCRs. Ideal for transferring VHS SP speed tapes to a digital recorder (not included).

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Special features of the AG-7650 Broadcast VCR

~ Digital TBC  The built-in time base corrector feature really fixes lots of errors!  For example, in a normal image of a door, you might see the vertical edges of the door looking "wiggly"....turn on the TBC and the vertical lines get stabilized. It's really quite amazing and one of the key reasons to own this VCR!  The TBC has variable settings so you can adjust it to suit your needs.

~ controls allow adjustment of chroma, hue, brightness and contrast levels during tape playback

~ Digital Noise Correction (DNR)  removes much background noise. Several DNR settings are available, or it can be completely bypassed depending on your needs.

An example of how the AG-7650's DNR can "clean-up" noise. Click on photo below for a large view

More features of the AG-7650 Broadcast VCR:

~ Dolby noise reduction

~ the transport mechanism uses five direct drive motors, including two reel drive motors, to achieve faster response than conventional VCRs

~ capstan spindle is approx. three times larger than conventional VCR spindles, giving better speed stability with less wow

~ in FF or REW modes, the mechanism quickly moves tape away from the video heads

~ Jog Dial allows you to easily speed ahead or reverse the tapes for editing or preview purposes.

~ Nice large fluorescent front display. Displays running time display, plus other functions

~ on-screen menu allows you to adjust custom settings, such as auto-rewind, time off after pause, Dolby noise, and more!

~ Outputs: XLR audio out connectors ( we supply two XLR to RCA adapters); S-Video out connections; BNC video monitor connections; audio monitor connections and more!

Includes:  instruction manual reprint for AG-7750 (the AG-7650 is the same as the AG-7750, but without the  "record" functions), two XLR to RCA audio adapters, s- video cable, RCA audio cable, BNC connector, power cable

Condition: Very good working condition, cleaned, lubricated and tested by our a-v technician. Top metal cover has been nicely repainted, some minor scuffs/nicks on front plastic panel. Important: This is a broadcast quality VHS machine, it is designed to play only SP speed tapes.

Shipping: This is a very well built, heavy-duty VCR, designed for broadcast studio work. It weighs about 40 lbs. Shipping charges to your location are calculated before you make your payment. We will pack your VCR carefully and safely.

To further enhance quality when you transfer tapes, you can use one of our video processors

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