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Sanyo Betacord Beta VCR 4900

Used Sanyo Betacord VCR4900 - refurbished

Carefully restored, cleaned, lubricated and tested by our technician. New rubber belts installed.  Comes with our 10 day satisfaction guarantee (read details below)

During our tests, this VCR performed very well with over 9 of our Beta test tapes. The playback quality is very good at both BII and BIII. This is a great beta player to transfer your '80s Beta tapes to digital!  (To make digital transfers, you need to capture into a computer or DVD burner. These units are not included)

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Condition: This used VCR been tested and refurbished by our technician. In good condition, some minor scuffs and scratches to the top and sides, some wear at edges of plastic faceplate. 10 Day return policy (read details below)

Features: Plays Beta II and Beta III tapes. Fast scan in BIII mode. Push-button solenoid controlled action. Composite video output (RCA connector), mono audio output (one RCA output connector)

Includes: RCA hookup cable There's no instruction book, but it's very easy to understand the VCRs' playback functions. No remote is necessary, all functions are accessible from front panel.

Shipping charges: This Beta VCR is a well built, heavy duty unit, weighing about 20lbs. Shipping charges are based on weight combined with the measured girth of the box. Shipping charges on this VCR range between $25 to $60, depending on your ship-to location. Your actual shipping & handling charges are calculated during checkout, you'll be able to see this before you make your payment.

Important: This is a Beta format tape player, it plays BII and BII tapes. This unit does not play VHS tapes.

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Price: $355.95