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Sony Beta format VCR SL-HF900 w. remote [TGP746]

Sony SL-HF900 Super Betamax Hi-Fi VCR - refurbished

Used, but carefully restored, cleaned, lubricated and tested by our technician.

Superior picture quality and stereo sound!

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Comes with our 10 day satisfaction guarantee (read details below)

This Sony Betamax is one of the highest quality Betamax VCRs that were produced by Sony Corp. It features many advances, including fast scan jog wheel dial for editing, picture sharpening, Super Beta function and more!

Our technician has inspected the entire unit. Circuit boards were removed and carefully cleaned, the mechanism was completely lubricated and tested. During our tests we use several Beta tapes from the early 1980s that were recorded on different VCRs. In all tests this VCR performed very well. The addition of a sharpening and MPX filter options allows you to tailor the playback picture to suit your taste.

This plays all three Beta speeds; Beta I, Beta II and Beta III  This is a great unit for transfer your Beta tapes to digital  (To make digital transfers, you need to capture into a computer or DVD burner. These units are not included)

Condition: This used VCR been tested and refurbished by our technician. In very good condition, some minor scuffs, otherwise very clean and good looking. The front flip-down door is missing, (however this actually makes it easier to access the picture adjustments)   10 Day return policy (read details below)

Features: The Super Betamax switch and sharpness control improves playback quality on most tapes. Hi-Fi sound. Easy to use front control panel. Push-button solenoid controlled action. Composite video output (RCA connector), stereo audio output (two RCA output connectors)

Includes: Original remote control, RCA hookup cable. plus Beta Demo tape. Original instructions are not available, but a reprint of similar Sony Beta owner's manual is included

Important: This is a Beta format tape player. This unit does not play VHS

Shipping charges: This Beta VCR is a well built, heavy duty unit, weighing about 25lbs. Shipping charges are based on weight combined with the measured girth of the box. You can see estimated shipping charges when you add this item to your cart.

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Price: $859.95