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We have several Beta VCRs in the repair queue.

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Sony SL-HF900 Beta VCR - Repair

If your Sanyo Betacord isn't loading, or loads and won't thread, this repair will correct the problem.


Repair for Sony model SL-HF900 Beta VCRs

Our technician with over 20 years experience in audio-visual repairs, will replace the load mechanism and transport parts with new rubber drive parts. The VCR will be then thoroughly inspected, cleaned lubricated and tested.


This repair includes:

replacement of rubber loading belts, thread belts, cassette forward-rewind belt,  lubrication of mechanical & moving parts, cleaning of video and audio heads, cleaning of tape path. Complete playback testing.

Important  -  This repair service does not include repair or replacement of worn or  damaged video heads.

How Maintenance-Service works:

1. Below, give us the model # and serial number of the unit you'll be sending us for cleaning/lubrication.

2. Pay for this repair service charge through our checkout. You pay shipping charges to send the unit to us, and at checkout you also pay for the return shipping to your home.

3. After we have received your payment we will e-mail you the address where you should send the unit.

4. Package your VCR safely, we do not need the remote or power cord. Several layers of 1" dia. bubble wrap around the VCR are suggested. Use a heavy box about 24" x 20" x 8". (Large bubble wrap and packing boxes are available at Lowe's and Home Depot) Once the bubble wrapped unit is inside the box, there should be at least 2" space all around the unit. Fill any extra space with packing beads or crumpled newspapers. Please remember, during shipment the box may get turned upside down, bounced around and bumped. It's best to pack it well! Insurance is recommended.

Questions ???   Please contact our technician

Price: $459.95
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