Tower - Sears 8mm movie projector Refurbished - halogen lamp upgrade

Used, completely refurbished standard 8mm film projector - Auto-threading

Made for Sears by Bell & Howell, this projector is extremely rugged and durable, and includes variable speed control. Sear model 584.92830

Great for projecting your classic home movies just like the Good Ole Days! (to purchase, scroll to bottom of page)

Our audio-visual; technician with over 20yrs experience, has refurbished this movie projector. Gears and all the moving parts have been carefully lubricated and adjusted for optimum performance. New rubber drive belt installed. Film path was thoroughly cleaned and adjusted as necessary.

Upgraded lamp housing - The original incandescent projection bulb has been upgraded to a halogen reflector lamp, more efficient and less costly if you have to replace it! (replacements are under $15)

Variable speed control - slow down or speed up the action on-screen. The variable speed can also reduce or eliminate flicker when you use a video camera to copy your movies.

Optics are clean, with a very nice Bell & Howell lens (re-labeled "Tower") The entire projector works well and comes with our ten-day satisfaction guarantee* (read details below)

Condition: Used, in very good condition, one or two minor scuffs to the metal case, clean optics, completely lubricated and thoroughly tested. A heavy duty machine, weighing in at about 24 lbs.

Includes: Metal take-up reel, original instruction booklet, installed halogen lamp, original box (somewhat beat up)

This is a Standard 8mm projector.  Please be sure that standard 8mm is the type of projector you want before ordering (see comparison photo below) Also, the hole in the center of a standard 8mm film reel will be about 1/4" diameter (super 8 reels have a 1/2" dia. hole).

Regular Price: $185.95
Sale Price: $111.57

Used Projector Agreement:

This a used projector that is in known working condition. Item may have some minor scuffs, marks or signs of wear. TGP Sales and TGrant Photo is not responsible for any damages resulting from improperly installed products.

Projector may be returned for refund within 10 days. You must contact us first to obtain an R/A number. Shipping cost is not refundable and you must pay return shipping charges plus a 15% restocking fee. We do not accept returns of products that have been damaged or misused. Products that are returned in a condition not matching the original product photos, will be returned to the owner and no refund will be issued.

Projection bulbs have a limited life, usually 24hrs when new. We do not guarantee the length or usability of the projection bulb. We do not replace projector bulbs. This includes but is not limited to; bulbs that burn out due to owner misuse; not leaving the cooling fan on after bulb is turned off; turning bulb on and off quickly; jarring or vibration of the bulb. It is the owner's responsibility to purchase a new replacement bulb.

Video captures - When using this projector for film-to-digital transfers, your video capture results are dependent on the frame rate, shutter speed and other capabilities of your video camera. We make no guarantees as to the quality of your video copies. This projector does not include a video camera or any electronic capture equipment.

By checking "I agree" you agree to and accept the terms of this agreement.




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