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We have several video processors in the repair queue.

To reserve your repair, please call Tom at 330-391-0880

Repair Service for SignVideo and
Studio 1 Productions Video Processor

Video Processor Repair service for SignVideo and Studio 1 Productions Video Processors

Let us bring life back to your old video processor! Our technician has over 20 years experience in the audio-visual fields, and can restore/repair most bad video processors.

We replace any bad control potentiometers with brand new replacements. Filter capacitors in the power supply are replaced.  Any bad s-video or RCA connectors are replaced. Replacement parts listed above are included in this repair fee.

Cabinet and knobs are also cleaned. Power supply is checked for correct operation. Includes 1 hr. burn-in (test of all functions for an hour) to ensure correct operation.

Note:  We do not repair units that have been disassembled and are in pieces;
units that have parts missing; or units that have obvious signs of physical abuse.

How this SignVideo/Studio video processor repair works:

1. In the message box below, give us the model # and serial number of the unit you'll be sending us for repair. Any details relating to the problem will also be helpful.

2. Select this repair service and read the agreement at the bottom of this page.

3. Pay for this repair charge through our checkout. At the checkout you also pay for the return shipping to your home. You are also responsible for paying the shipping charges when you send the video  processor to us.

4. After we have received your payment we will e-mail you the address in Lodi, OH where you should send the unit. (You will receive this email within a few hours after your order is processed)

5. Package your unit safely, be sure to include the power supply unit. Wrap the power supply separately from the processor, this helps avoid scratching the processor during shipping. Several layers of bubble wrap around the video processor are suggested. Use a heavy box about 12" x 12" x 8". (bubble wrap and packing boxes are available at Wal-Mart) Once the bubble wrapped unit is inside the box, there should be at least 2" space all around the unit. Fill any extra space with packing beads or crumpled newspapers. Please remember, during shipment the box may get turned upside down, bounced around and bumped. It's best to pack it well! Insurance is recommended.

6. Take the package to your carrier of choice. You are responsible for the cost of mailing us the unit.

7. When your unit arrives at TGrant Photo, you will receive an email confirming acceptance, along with the anticipated repair date for your unit. Depending on our workload, the repair process usually takes no more than 7-14 days.

Questions ???   Please contact our technician

Note: This listing is for repair of SignVideo or Studio1 Video processors. If you have a BVP-4 go here

Price: $225.95
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