Winter Sale!  $25 OFF Panasonic AG-1980 while supplies last!

   Orders placed today ship in 3-5 days

We buy select VCRs and Videotape Recorders

We buy select VCRs

Sell us your old VCR !

We pay $$$ for broken or non-working units

Your unit doesn't have to be working to sell it to us!

At present, we only buy these models:

Panasonic VHS VCRs: AG-1980, AG-1980P, AG-5710

JVC VHS VCRs: SR-V101, JVC SR-V10, JVC 8000U

Sony R-R VTRs: CV2000, CV2200, CV2600. AV3600. AV3650, AV8650

Please contact TGrant Photo to give us information about the unit(s) you'd like to sell. If you have a VCR that we're looking for, we will ask you to send us two or three photos of the unit, plus the serial number, and information about the condition of the unit. We will send you a written offer within 48 hours. The offer is contingent upon TGrant Photo receiving  the units in the condition as described. You are responsible for paying the shipping charges when you send us your VCR(s) Once we receive and inspect your VCR(s) and it is as described, we will send you a company check for the agreed upon amount.

NOTE: units that have been misrepresented, have missing or damaged circuit boards, have major physical damages not revealed in the photo you sent us, will be returned to you at your expense.

Questions ???   Please contact us