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Professional VCRs


If you're serious about transferring video tapes to digital,
please consider using one of our professional VCRs!

These units have many features not found in consumer level machines:

built-in time base corrector - corrects "wiggling" and gives an overall pureness to the image

reliable tracking - our Panasonic AG-1980 & AG-5710 VCRs play back EP speed tapes
better than any other machine we've seen!

~  "sharpener" control,  allows you to sharpen or soften the VHS image.

S-Video connections give you better quality than normal, composite (RCA) connections

plus many more enhancements too numerous to mention!

We are  a recommended vendor by the DigitalFAQ forum

Customer testimonials about our VCRs

 Not sure which VCR fits your needs?  Please call us!

We offer free "after-the-sale" technical advice!

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