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Editing with the Magnavox HDD recorder

Removing TV commercials with the Magnavox HDD recorders H2160MW9 MDR513H   MDR515H

If you've done any editing with the Magnavox HDD recorders, you've probably noticed that the edit points don't look the same after the recorded program is burned to DVD. While not as accurate as a video editing program where you can select specific frames to edit from, the Magnavox HDD still can be "trained" to do pretty good job of editing out TV commercials.

The idea is to disguise the edit points by starting the edit about 1 sec before the commercial starts and ending 1 sec after the program returns. Once you get the hang of it most commercials should edited out nicely.  Sometimes you may miss a bit and you'll see a split second of the commercial, but with practice you'll get better!

Here's the technique:

In the HDD mode, click "title" on the remote to see all of your recorded shows. Select the one you want to edit and select "edit"

You'll now see your show playing in the edit window

enter edit
highlight scene delete
play the tv program to the spot where you want to remove  commercial

press pause on the remote
while in pause press slow back to get 1 sec before program goes to commercial
you may have to repeat this process to find just the right spot (press play, then pause, then variable skip/replay to get to 1 sec before the commercial starts
press pause ( you should be now freeze framed on about 1 sec before commercial starts)
press OK (scene delete should change to highlighted "start")
Press OK ( "start" will change to highlighted "end" and video will start playing again)
 FF or fast skip to get to end of commercial
at end of commercial press pause  (you want to locate a spot about 1 sec into the returning TV show)
NOTE: while in pause you can navigate slowly back and forth using the FF or REV button.
Once you're paused 1 sec into the tv show, press "END", then select "Delete"
You're now ready to move to the next commercial to edit!

To chop off the beginning of a show:

Very quickly press the chapter back button then pause (almost at the same time) This will take you to the very beginning of the TV program and it places it in pause mode.

Hit scene delete, then click start to set beginning of your edit. Follow above instructions for editing.

To chop off the end of a show:

Find the spot you want to end at, press pause and then go back about 1 sec. into the show, then hit "title dividing"  The end of the show is sent to your programs as another title, so you'll want to go there and delete it. It'll be named the same as your original show, so make sure you delete the correct one. Once "divided" a show can  never be joined back again.... so choose wisely!


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