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How we Recondition your Video Processor

Video Processors are great devices, they allow you to boost color, adjust video levels, and in general make your video transfers much more enjoyable to watch. Unfortunately, after many years of use, the controls and circuits in video processors can break down. Continual adjustments and "tweaking" break down the resistance traces inside these knobs, (also known as 'potentiometers' in the electronics profession). Heat, power surges and other problems can also cause internal components to fail.

When we recondition a Video Processor or Video Enhancer, we check and replace any component that's acting up. A bad potentiometer shows as crackling white lines in the picture when it's adjusted. Sometimes if it's really bad, it just doesn't have any effect on the picture whatsoever. We also check the S-Video connector inputs and outputs, and the RCA composite connectors.

Ripple lines running through the picture indicate component problems in the internal power circuits. We troubleshoot this problem and replace the faulty parts.

Finally, the plastic control knobs and the faceplate get a good cleaning, then the repaired unit gets final testing and calibration with live video sources.

TGPSales has a complete stock of repair parts for StudioOne, SignVideo and Elite BVP processors. We'll clean the unit, replace the bad parts, and bring it back to it's original glory!


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