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Household Repair Tips

Note: These articles are for informative purposes only. Described repairs may require professional knowledge and  skills. TGPSales and TGrant Photo are not responsible for any damages caused to yourself or any equipment . When in doubt please contact a qualified repair person. 

Maytag washer tub spring hold down bolts - Older Maytag washers, such as the model A482 or LAT 8420AAW, use three toggle bolts to hold the heavy tub springs to the washing machine base. If you have to remove the springs, either for replacement, or to replace the washer's damper pads, try this tip. Caution: wear face protection and heavy gloves. The original washer's toggle bolts are 1/4" x 2 1/2" long. Carefully unscrew these one by one, while an assistant tips the washer drum towards the spring you're removing. Caution: if the bolts are rusty, they may suddenly snap and the spring may kick back at you.  Before you get ready to install the springs again, buy three 1/4" by 3" long toggle bolts. This makes the installation a whole lot easier. There should be no need for spring compressors when using the longer bolts. Have an assistant tip the tub towards each spring as you hook it up. Slowly tighten each bolt alternately, one by one, to bring the tub springs into proper tension. On most models, the extra length of the toggle bolts under the machine should not bother anything.

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