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Should I use an auto-head cleaner?

There's two schools of thought regarding auto video head cleaners. Take a moment to read my take on it! ~ Tom

Should I use my VCRs  auto-head cleaner?

Cleaning a Panasonic AG1980 Capstan & Pinch Roller

Maintaining a good, clean capstan-pinch roller combination is very important in playing back a good, steady picture. Take a few minutes to read my new article:

Reinforced Shipping Boxes
For the past several years we've been building our own custom-made reinforced shipping boxes for our Panasonic AG1980 VCRs. We build these boxes in-house and they feature double walled corners and extra support. Combined with our special padding methods, our special boxes help protect your Panasoinic AG1980 during it's trip back to your home!
VHS rewinders

Unfortunately there's no easy shortcuts to quickly rewinding VHS tapes. Even though it's tempting to own a stand-alone tape rewinder that looks like a '57 Chevy, those cheap, one-piece VHS rewinders are dangerous. They rewind at a good clip, but they don't have any sensors to tell when the tape is getting near the end, and every so often they snap the tape.

You can reduce wear and tear on your expensive VCR by using a lower priced VCR for rewinding. The nice advantage of having a second VCR is that you can use it to fast forward a customer tape to make sure it doesn't have any tape splices or mold. Also, we have some super-fast rewind VCRs that take about two minutes to rewind a tape. They slowly ramp up to fast speed, then slow down before the tape reaches the end.


Sony AV-3600

We just finished rebuilding another Sony AV-3600 videocorder. These reel-to-reel video recorders were a popular choice for schools and industry circa 1970. Our refurbished unit has been completely rebuilt, aligned and tested and comes with a 30 day warranty and a demo tape. If you have any questions about it, feel free to call Tom, our Senior Technician, at 330-391-0880


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