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The Latest News from TGrant Photo!
Panasonic AG-5710 SALE ! !

$50 OFF the regular price of our refurbished Panasonic AG5710s  until April 30th!   Act now to get one of these wonderful VCRs! Featuring  vibrant color reproduction and excellent noise reduction! The Panasonic AG-5710 is almost identical to the Panasonic AG1980, but doesn't have a TV tuner and doesn't have wireless remote capability.  Details here

"If you only can have one VCR, get the AG1980,or it's near twin, the AG5710 !" - Tom Grant

Panasonic AG-7750 on sale!

10% off through May 5th, 2018 on Panasonic AG-7750 or AG-7650

Special features of the AG-7750 Broadcast VCR ~

~ Digital TBC  The built-in time base corrector feature really fixes lots of errors! The TBC has variable settings so you can adjust it to suit your needs. ~ controls allow adjustment of chroma, hue, brightness and contrast levels during tape playback  ~ the transport mechanism uses five direct drive motors, including two reel drive motors, to achieve faster response than conventional VCRs  ~ Digital Noise Correction (DNR)  removes much background noise.

An example of how the AG-7750's DNR can "clean-up" noise. Click on photo below for a large view

click here to see our Panasonic AG-7750 sale units

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