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Adventures of the Flying Cadets (1943) - Universal Pictures serial - used VHS - VCI Home Video ISBN: 1-55739-288-9

Adventures of the Flying Cadets (1943)

13-chapter action serial on two VHS tapes.

A group of flying cadets have to themselves of a murder charge, while trying to stop a traitorous scientist from selling secrets to the Nazis.

Director: Lewis D. Collins, Ray Taylor

Stars: Johnny Downs, Bobby Jordan, Ward Wood, Billy Benedict, Eduardo Ciannelli, Regis Toomey, Jennifer Holt

Black & White, Approx. 265 minutes

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Condition:  This is a used VHS tape. Tapes are in good condition and play well,  box is a bit worn at edges.

Used VHS tape. Manufactured by Video Communications, Inc. 1992 UPC # 089859170638

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