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Deluxe Video Transfer System - Ambico Video

Convert all your movies, slides and photographs to digital using your video camera and movie projector. (camera and projector are not supplied)

Features: The Ambico Film Transfer system lets you easily convert films to video in real time. The transfer unit features very good optics and an internal high quality mirror for less distortion.

How to use: This film transfer system is compatible with most movie projectors and camcorders. To copy a movie to digital: Simply aim your movie projector at the square ground glass screen, then focus the image with the projector's lens. Aim your camcorder at the large lens on the other side of the film transfer box. Set the knob on the top of the transfer system to "Film"  The adjustable stand lets you adjust the height of the transfer unit so it can align with your projector and camera. Dim your room lights before you proceed, then you're all ready to go!

When you transfer photographs, the internal fluorescent lamp illuminates the photo. The original unit did not come with a power supply, but we've included one so you don't have to rely on batteries (when transferring movies, it's not necessary to use the power supply).

Condition: Used, in very good condition with only a few scuffs.The original lens hood (black cone) has been replaced with a good replacement. Optics are very clean.

Includes: Film transfer box, lens hood, plug-in power supply, adjustable stand, There are no instructions, but operation is quite straightforward. Plus you're always welcome to call our technician if you need technical advice.

Price: $89.98

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