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Laurel & Hardy and Friends Vol. 4 - Double Whoopee - Jean Harlow (collectible Laserdisc)

Laurel & Hardy and Friends Vol. 4 - Laser disc

Nostalgia Arhive Laser Disc.   

Laurel & Hardy silents; Early to Bed, On the Front Page, Double Whoopee (with cameo by Jean Harlow)

plus Pete Smith Specialty "Movie Pests".  Double Whoopee is in two versions, silent with music; and 1929 Vitaphone release with voices and sound effects.

click on photo for a large view (the vertical line on the front of the disc is the shrink-wrap)

Condition of disc: Like New

Condition of sleeve:  Very good, one bent corner, one notch "cut-out" made by retailer (does not affect disc playback) Still partially in shrink wrap.

Note: Laserdiscs are 12" diameter discs. A Laserdisc player is required to view them.


Price: $9.96