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Replacement power FUSE for Elite BVP-4 Video Processor

Replacement Fuse set for Elite BVP-4 & BVP-4+ Video processors

Tip: The processor fuse usually is blown because the wrong power supply was used, or if the power input wires were shorted. Sometimes customers think their fuse is bad, when actually they are using the wrong power supply. Just having a power supply that fits the BVP-4 socket doesn't mean it will work with the unit. The BVP-4 power supply has a special wiring configuration. Please see our special BVP-4 replacement power supplies.

To replace or test the BVP-4 fuse;  remove the power plug from the unit. Then, remove the four phillips head screws, (there's two on each side of the unit). Remove the top. The fuse is located on the circuit board, just behind where the power supply plugs in. It is held in place by spring clips. Carefully pop-out the old fuse. If the fuse is blown it may have a black smudge inside the glass tube.  You can also test the fuse for continuity with a digital test meter. Your tester should beep or indicate a complete circuit if the fuse is good. To replace the fuse, carefully push the new fuse into place, the spring clips will hold it securely.  Note: we are not responsible for any damages, indirect or otherwise, caused by opening your BVP-4 processor.

This replacement pack contains two (2) fuses, your BVP-4 contains one fuse, keep the other fuse as a spare.

These fuses have been tested and are guaranteed to work with an Elite BVP-4 video processor unit. They work with the BVP-4, the BVP-4 PLUS and the Elite Broadcast Processor model 1010.

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