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Sony AV-3600 Reel-to-Reel videocorder VTR, Refurbished + Warranty

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Sony AV-3600 reel-to-reel videotape recorder, used, but fully restored and refurbished .

This is a 1/2" EIAJ format, black & white video tape recorder (VTR), typical of the format  used in schools and industry in the early 1970's.

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Used, this VTR has been completely disassembled, cleaned and restored to top operating condition. All the mechanism parts have been re-lubricated and repaired or replaced as necessary. Several new belts, several tension pads, brake pads, have been repaired or replaced. The VU meter was replaced; new replaced servo belt; new capstan belt. Finally, the unit was tested for correct EIAJ alignment using several of our test and alignment reel-to-reel tapes recorded in the 1970s. 10 day return policy & 30 day warranty (please read details below)

Tip: Sony reel-to-reel VTR's manufactured between 1965 and 1971 were designed to play back on companion Sony TV monitors. These monitors had a short time constant which effectively disguised many of the playback errors at the top of the TV screen, typically appearing as flagging, or bending, at the top of the picture. To properly transfer a reel-to-reel videotape to digital you need run the video output of the VTR through a time base corrector, This stabilizes and purifies the video image so that it's suitable for digital capture.

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Important: This unit plays EIAJ format video tapes, typically 1/2" open-reel tapes from 1970 to 1975. This will not play Sony CV "skip field"  format 1/2" videotapes from 1965 to 1969. If you're unsure about which format tape you have please contact us for advice before purchasing.

Condition: Used, but refurbished and now in excellent working condition! Some wear to the fabric covered wood case. The mechanism has been restored, cleaned, lubricated and tested for correct alignment and playback using over 9 EIAJ tapes recorded in 1975-1980. Mechanism and electronics are in top condition. Fabric covered wood case is in good condition, but with a few small tears and scuffs. The small "Sony" logo is missing from the front right edge. (please see the photos)

Note there is no RF adapter with this VTR. This was an optional item when the AV-3600 was sold as new and is not necessary for playback. To make digital video transfers you will be using the standard "video out" connector on the rear panel of the VTR (an adapter is included to convert it to a standard RCA video output),

Included in this sale:  A.C. power cable; PL259 to RCA adapter (for video output); mini-plug to RCA adapter (for audio output); triple RCA cable; 7" dia. takeup reel .The original instructions are not available, however we're including a reprint of the very similar Sony AV-3650 instruction booklet.

Includes after-the-sale technical advice, 10 day satisfaction guarantee & 30 day warranty (see details below)

Shipping weight on this unit is about 50 lbs. It will be carefully padded and packed for safe shipment.

Note: The above sales description is copyright TGPSalesTGrant Photo. Copying or use on another website is prohibited

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