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Standard 8mm film editor - Sears Tower Deluxe Action Editor no. 9382

An excellent hand-crank film editor that allows fast editing of your standard 8mm films. This unit has been refurbished and is ready to use. Very well made, with front-surface mirrors, good optics and sturdy metal design. Includes metal cover for storage. 400' capacity, takes up to 7" dia.8mm reels (not included)

Ready to use. All optics have all been cleaned and adjusted, mechanism has been completely lubricated and tested. The mechanical cranks allow you to fast forward or reverse at whatever speed you like (this is not motorized). Lamp operates on 110-120vac.

Note: Home film editors are designed to allow you to quickly locate and edit parts of your home movies. The images they show are not as steady as using a film projector. This unit is for standard 8mm film only and will not handle super 8 film

Condition: Used, in very good shape, very clean. A few chips to the paint here and there; the back cover panel has been repainted (please see the photos)

Includes: Original instruction pamphlet, No reels are included, but you can add one to your purchase (see options below)

Price: $64.95
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