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Star Wars Trilogy - Widescreen collector's edition (collectible Laserdisc) plus George Lucas book

Star Wars Trilogy - Large Box set with tons of special features, collectible book "George Lucas The Creative Impulse" and more!

This a very large (and heavy) set all together in a nice 3" thick black collector's case

This set includes:

9 Discs full-format CAV presentation of each film; STAR WARS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, RETURN OF THE JEDI

George Lucas: The Creative Impulse - complete hardcover book  (over 280 pages with lots of photos!)

Outstanding letterbox laserdisc transfer produced to the precise standards of the THX laserdisc program

Audio tracks restored and remastered for each film by Skywalker Sound for extraordinary digital quality.

16 page guidebook to the Star Wars Trilogy laserdisc, including photos, chapter stops, and notes to the supplements for each film

Plus lots of extensive supplements, interviews and commentary, previously unseen and rare footage.

Collectible Laserdisc Set!  These laserdiscs are in NM condition. You are purchasing one very large laserdisc album containg 9 discs, a book and more.

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Note: Laserdiscs are 12" diameter discs. A Laserdisc player is required to view them.


Price: $149.95