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Studio 1 DA-16 Video Distribution Amplifier
16 outputs - s-video input

Used - Studio 1 Productions (aka SignVideo) Video Distribution Amp

This professional distribution unit allows you to send one video signal to sixteen outputs, without loss of signal strength. Also sends L& R audio to sixteen outputs with no loss. One S-Video or RCA composite video input, sixteen RCA video outputs, sixteen L&R audio outputs.  Completely tested with live video sources by our technician. 10 day guarantee*

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~ In a sports bar, you can feed multiple video monitors, big screens, audio amps etc.
with no signal loss:

~ Use it to send images from one surveillance camera to four different monitors.

~ In a classroom setting, you can send the video output of a DVD player to up to 16 different monitors .

~ also great for video production; you can feed the video output from one player into 16 recorders without signal degradation.This will give you much better quality than "daisy-chaining" your recorders.

Amplifier provides unity gain for both audio and video. No artifacts or other signal degradation. Durable aluminum cabinet for optimum shielding  Wall mount holes for #6 screw 


Video Signal To Noise Ratio:
  68dB+ (unweighted and over 74db weighted)
Video Bandwidth:
  Better Than 10 Mhz (measured at -1dB)
Video Resolution:
  1200+ Lines Resolution (at -3dB, 800 lines at 1dB.)
Audio Signal To Noise Ratio:
  100 dB
Audio Frequency Response:
Video Inputs:


 S-Video (Y/C) and Composite

Audio Inputs:
  Right and Left Audio, RCA Connections
Video Outputs:
  Composite, RCA Connections
Audio Outputs:
  Right and Left Audio, RCA Connections
  9 volts AC, 500ma

NTSC, PAL and SECAM Compatible

This unit is used, in very good condition. Completely tested with a 10 day guarantee! (see return policy below)

Price: $19.95