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Teac A-1230 reel tape deck - AS-IS for parts

Teac A-1230 1/4" Reel to reel tape deck. In need of repair, or for use as parts. AS-IS no returns

Condition: AS-IS, no returns.This appears to be running, the previous owner said the mechanism was oiled and operational. However, the tape heads are badly worn (see photos), one channel plays back at lower volume and is muffled. There is no knob for the "fast-play-pause", there is no power cord, no take-up reel, no accessories of any kind. A chip in the wood on the upper right corner (see photos). Inside appears to be quite clean, however previous owner mentioned that the brakes need adjusted.

If you can use this for parts, please understand that this is not returnable. The unit weights about 40 lbs packed, you can see the estimated shipping charge for your location when you add this to your cart.

AS-IS no returns

Price: $45.95

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