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ULTRA-PRO Video Tape Baking Dehydrator w. digital temp probe [TGP863]

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TGP's ULTRA-PRO Tape Dehydrator

Professional Model - Larger Capacity!  Bake up to 16 VHS tapes at one time!

Special deep trays allow this unit to accept 3/4" U-Matic, 1/2" reel video tapes and Beta cassettes

Now with built-in digital thermometer!

Includes: a pocket timer to remind you when your tapes are ready; a plug-in 8 hour timer to shut the unit off after baking; small labels so you can mark & date your "baked" tapes.

This is one of the same dehydrators that we use for baking our own 1/2" video cassettes and reel-to-reel videotapes. Baking recording tapes restores binder properties and allows "sticky shed" tapes to play normally for about 1-2 months.

This dehydrator has been specially modified to accept VHS, Beta and U-Matic videocassettes plus 1/2" reel video tapes. It can also be used on various audio tape formats. We also include a digital thermometer with a remote probe to monitor the baking temperature.

Baking sticky-shed tapes - It's simple and easy to use! Just set the dehydrator for 125F and place your tapes on the trays for 8 hours. After the baking cycle, allow the tapes to cool for a few hours and they're ready to play! Includes "Tape Baking instructions. For further information, read our article about How to Bake Videotapes

Baking water damaged tapes - results may vary, based on the amount of time in water and the amount of mold, silt or debris on the tapes. Proceed at your own risk! Dried debris on a tape may damage video heads! However, in our tests, two VHS tapes were submerged in water for two hours, then placed dripping wet into this dehydrator, and baked for 8 hours at 127F. After four hours of cooling down, they played properly. The results were very impressive!

You can combine several format videotapes when baking. This is the capacity of the dehydrator when baking all same type of videotape  You can also combine formats while baking

(20) 1/2" reel-to-reel videotapes (5" dia.)

(20) Beta video cassettes

(16) VHS video cassettes

(8) 1/2"  reel-to reel videotape (7" dia.)

(4) 3/4" U-Matic video cassettes

Unit contains (2) deep trays and (2) reg. trays for tape baking. Unit is not suitable for foods.

Condition: Very good. May exhibit a few minor scuffs or imperfections from the modification process.

this product requires 5 days preparation prior to shipping

Includes: a pocket timer to remind you when your tapes are ready; a plug-in 8 hour timer to shut the unit off after baking; small labels so you can mark & date your "baked" tapes.

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