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Panasonic AG-1980 VCR Repairs

We specialize in Panasonic AG-1980 repairs !

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Note: We do not perform partial repairs on the AG-1980. We do not sell repair parts for D.I.Y. repairs.

We've been asked if we sell rebuilt circuit boards for a D.I.Y. repair. We don't offer this service for several reasons. Unless you're very familiar with the AG-1980, there's the chance of damaging the mainboard and cables when you remove the Y-C board. Also, just replacing the bad capacitors on one board does not give optimal results. Several circuit boards on the AG-1980 interact, so problems in other circuit boards show up as video problems even though the Y-C board has been replaced. At TGrantPhoto, after we replace capacitors, the whole VCR is re-tested and aligned as a complete working unit. This is the only way to return it to factory specifications.