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About our VCR repairs

NOTE: Due to our heavy workload, we only accept Panasonic AG1980 and AG5710 VCRs for repair, we don't work on other VCR models.

Our head technician and founder, Tom Grant, personally tests and repairs all the VCRs and video processors that we offer for sale. Tom diagnoses and repairs VCRs using specialized equipment such as; a VCR analyzer, waveform analyzer, waveform monitor, vectorscope, pulse-cross monitor, oscilloscope, head protrusion gauge, tape tension gauge and head drum eccentricity gauge.

When you send a Panasonic AG1980 VCR to us for service, we go through the unit and repair the cause of the problem, then your AG1980 is fully overhauled and refurbished. When repairs are completed all VCRs are tested for correct playback and operation.  We use VHS alignment tapes that allow us to monitor and evaluate the VCR's performance on an oscilloscope. In addition, each VCR must pass a 90 point checklist which covers a wide range of operations. Just a few of these many tests include: picture resolution, brakes in REW & FF, Jog dial operation, Hi-Fi Linear audio switching, ability to play certain "off-track" tapes, tape tension, and color bar tests.

Next, the "Real World" test.....we play back many VHS tapes of known quality, recorded off-air between 1979 and 1992. These tapes were recorded at SP, LP and SLP speeds on Panasonic, RCA, Toshiba and Quasar VCRs. We also test with tapes that were professionally produced and tapes that have Macrovison encoding. Throughout the testing we're looking for color worms, jitter and other visual problems.

During these playback tests, we're also simultaneously viewing the vertical and horizontal blanking periods and the head-switching on a special pulse-cross monitor.  The pulse-cross monitor allows us to verify proper operation of the time base corrector, proper placement of the head switching signals, and stability improvements when the timebase corrector is turned on.

Our professional Panasonic AG1980's must pass even more stringent testing and repairs. All of the Panasonic AG1980s that we sell and repair have rebuilt color Y/C boards, rebuilt VFD display boards; upgraded K-GRIP™ thread motors;  and fully tested power supplies. To ensure the best tape path alignment, we make adjustments while viewing the RF head envelope. The video head-switching point is also checked and adjusted if necessary. We test the AG-1980's video output waveform with an oscilloscope and compare it to Panasonic's service specifications. We also test the functionality of the time base corrector and associated internal video noise reduction circuits by viewing the results on our waveform monitor.

After making sure that your machine will play a variety of tapes with consistent quality, your refurbished VCR is now ready to start a more useful life dubbing all your favorite tapes!

Our refurbished VCRs are used by colleges, library systems and digitization businesses. We're also recommended by the DigitalFAQ forum We're confident that you'll be very happy with a VCR from TGPSales ~ TGrantPhoto, however if you have any reservations after your purchase, there's a ten day return policy (see our return policy)

If you have any questions, feel free to give Tom a call!

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