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We have several AG1980s in the repair queue,

current wait time is 5-6 weeks

Previous AG1980 customers only- out-of-warranty AG1980 repair - 2 yr. up to 3 yr.

Due to a high volume of repairs, we now require reservations prior to ordering any Panasonic AG1980 repair.

Please contact Tom to reserve your repair.

 Repair turnaround time is currently 5-6 weeks after we receive your AG1980

Tom Grant will personally repair & refurbish your broken Panasonic AG-1980

"I have never had a repair made on any piece of equipment that was so well explained and professional as your company did.  Excellent service and I am very impressed!" - customer review

with over 25 years experience in audio-visual repairs,
Tom will thoroughly inspect, clean and repair your unit.

The most comprehensive AG-1980 repairs available anywhere!

90 day warranty* includes part & labor see terms below*

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How we repair Panasonic AG-1980 VCRs


  • VCR powers up but tape not accepted
  • jammed tape - your tape will be removed and returned to you
  • bad brakes; no rewind; tape won't go into play mode
  • dim or black front display
  • tape plays but; bad color; color worms; muddy picture; herringbone
  • power supply hiss
  • screeching noises during rewind


  • replacing bad capacitors and weak capacitors in the mainboard
  • Installation of our proprietary design "non-slip" thread motor!
  • alignment of the entire tape path while viewing results on waveform monitor
  • check head switching point and adjust if necessary
  • confirm correct placement of colors as seen on vectorscope
  • set video output to factory specifications
  •  remove mechanism, inspect, repair or replace any bad parts. Lubricate mechanism parts.
  • disassemble sealed capstan bearings, inspect & lubricate.
  • disassemble video head drum motor, inspect video heads, clean and lubricate bearing
  • inspect tape guides for damage or cuts, replace or adjust as necessary
  • replace brake pads if necessary


  • Replacing damaged or worn video heads is not included in this repair
  • concealed damages such as cracked circuit boards or damaged control panel are not included in the repair
  • AG1980s where the second digit of the serial number is "5" (ie. L5TC00123)
  • Any AG1980s that were previously refurbished using parts from a number "5" serial number AG1980
  • units that have parts missing or have been partially disassembled
  • cosmetic damage, such as broken panels, bent metal covers.
  • replacement of worn/cracked pinch roller
  • replacement of damaged main circuit board
  • repair and/or alignment of record cicuitry


We do not repair AG1980s where the second digit of the serial number is "5" (ie. L5TC00123)
- or - if the AG1980 has been previously refurbished with parts from a number "5" serial number AG1980
We do not repair units that have the wrong parts installed.
We do not repair units that have excessive wear; concealed damage; units that have parts missing; units that have obvious signs of physical abuse or have been disassembled and are in pieces. This repair does not include replacing bad or worn video heads, replacing bad pinch roller, replacing the front VFD display, or repairing any cosmetic or concealed damage.

ABOUT VIDEO HEADS:   Replacing broken or worn video heads is not included in this repair. When available, near-to-new replacement video heads cost $495 in addition to normal repair fees.  Before starting the repair process, we will inspect your VCR, including video heads and circuit boards, and if your AG-1980 is beyond the scope of this repair we will contact you with an estimate for the additional repairs. If at that point you decline the additional repairs you'll receive a refund, less a $145.95 diagnostic fee and shipping charges.

Please note that recovered, remanufactured, repaired and/or recycled parts may be used in connection with such repair



1. In the message box below, give us the model # and serial number of the unit you'll be sending us for repair. Any details relating to the problem will also be helpful. We must have the serial number to successfully process your order.

2. Then read the repair agreement at the bottom of this page.

3. Add this repair service to your shopping cart and checkout. At the checkout you will also pay for the return shipping of the VCR to your home. You are also responsible for paying the shipping charges when you send the VCR to us.

4. About 2-3 hours after we have received your payment, we will e-mail you a "How to Ship us your VCR" email. This email contains the specific address in Lodi, OH where you should send the unit. Please be patient and do not ship your unit until you have received and read this "How to Ship" email. If your order is placed after normal business hours, you may receive the email the following day.

5. When your VCR arrives at TGrant Photo, you will receive an email confirming acceptance. Depending on our workload, the whole repair process usually takes about 4-5 weeks after we receive your VCR (expedited repair service is available for an extra charge)

6. When the repairs and testing are completed, your VCR will be carefully packed up for shipment back to you. You'll also receive a detailed repair report and a shipping tracking number.

All repairs must be pre-paid before shipping us your VCR. If you have any questions, or if you're unsure about needing an add-on (shown below) please contact us

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